Best Sights to See in Senegal

Wherever we travel to, we always want to be sure to integrate as a local, by eating the typical food of the area, by exploring places that even the natives enjoy, and getting to know the culture, so we can enjoy a more authentic experience. Of course, though, that does not mean to completely miss out on the main attractions that the country might actually be known for. Today, I bring you a few places you are definitely not going to want to miss if you visit the exotic country of Senegal.

Île de N’Gor

Île de N’Gor is a very small island just off of the shore of Dakar. The streets of Dakar can get very hectic as it is filled with not just locals but many tourists as well. So, if you ever get tired of all the commotion, you can always escape to this little place, where you can enjoy the beaches, strolls along the shore, and a quiet lunch. People do usually come here to spend the day, but if you think that just might not be enough, they have guesthouses on the island that I am more than sure you will enjoy.

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Pont Faidherbe

Opened on July 14, 1897, this bridge became a meaningful landmark. It was designed by the one and only, Gustav Eiffel. Yes, the same architect that built the Eiffel Tower. Not only is the architecture of this bridge admirable, but it hovers the Danube river, giving it a lovely view as you stroll down this significant monument.

Fathala Wildlife Reserve and Lodge

If you love animals, this is the main attraction for you. Built in 2006, this reserve holds critically endangered species such as antelopes, rhinos, giraffes, buffaloes, and warthogs. This wildlife tour is slightly expensive, but it’s worth it. And if you want to fully take advantage of this breath-taking experience, check out its luxury hotel where you can stay overnight, and go on more tours that only guests can enjoy.

Parc National du Delta du Saloum

This National water-filled park was established in 1976. Its abundance in in birds is quite big, and its known for all the islands, marshes, and the 36 different mammal species that can be spotted, such as warthogs, monkeys and hyenas.

Alliance Franco Senegalaise

Alliance Franco Senegalese is one of the most astounding pieces of architecture in Ziguinchor’s area. Inside, you find some very fascinating exhibitions, a bar and a restaurant, and a concert hall that holds shows once per week. It also contains meeting areas, a library and classrooms where they teach French and hold other kinds of courses. Now, something you should keep in mind when visiting, is that you are expected to give a donation at the end of your tour.

Maison des Esclaves

Located off the coast of Dakar, Senegal, is the famous Maison des Esclaves (House of Slaves.) Probably being the most significant landmark of the slave trade, many African slaves were actually held here. This building contains a museum explaining its history, as well as the famous “The Door of No Return” which leads straight into the ocean.