Coolest Countries to Visit in West Africa

West Africa is known as one of the most exotic and culturally diverse places on Earth. Many people think that a traveling experience in Africa is just safari and good food. West Africa is here to prove that the marvels of this region are much more than that. From amazing architecture to luxuriant national parks, this area has everything. But choosing the best place to go can be quite challenging given the diversity of places. We have listed some of the best countries and places to visit in West Africa in order to make your traveling experience even more pleasant.

Sierra Leone is one of the most interesting countries from this region and a secret beach escape. The small country sometimes goes unnoticed in comparison with its neighbors, but the natural wonders come to change that. The history of this place is very rich and the best place to explore this is in the capital, Freetown. There are whole neighborhoods that celebrate the cultural diversity and many monuments that stand as a reminder of the times when the citizens of this beautiful country were enslaved. There are many picturesque landscapes and amazing sandy beaches.

Guinea is the perfect vacation spot for nature lovers. This small country is the home land of many virgin forests that are protected by the government. The natural beauty of this country is truly unique, and the animals found here are some of the rarest on the planet. If you are in search of adventure, Guinea is the perfect country for you.

Ghana is one of the fastest growing economies in West Africa and one of the most interesting places to visit in this area. The country is renowned for the preservation of traditions and culture. If you want to have a relaxed vacation but still want to explore the local culture, Ghana is the answer for you. It has vibrant cities perfect for evening fun and amazing local culture.

Cape Verde is the perfect destination for island lovers. The country is composed of more than 10 islands with luxurious beaches and amazing nature. The water is crystal-clear, and the pace of time is characteristic for the island life. If you are in need of relaxation this is the perfect place for you. It also offers many water sports and attractions and you will also be able to explore the local culture and cuisine.

Burkina Faso is one of the few Western African countries without shoreline. It is a rather small country in the heart of this region. What makes it truly unique is the natural diversity. Although it may not have sandy beaches, this country has amazing forests and many local species of animals.

Gambia is the smallest country in this whole region. It can be considered one of the hidden little gems of West Africa thanks to it’s amazing beaches and very relaxed lifestyle. It is the perfect place if you want to relax on a white sand beach while listening to the waves.