Coolest hotels in West Africa

West Africa is known for amazing landscapes and culture. A trip in this area will definitely be life changing. The vast diversity of animals and the mixture between modern cities and untouched nature make this place truly unique. Making your trip a true hit also implies finding the perfect place to stay. Some of the hotels make your stay a true cultural experience. We have selected some of the coolest hotels in West Africa in order to enhance your experience and to make your choice easier.

Maison Fahrenheit

Maison Fahrenheit is located in Nigeria. This place is very close to the Eko Atlantic so it is the perfect choice if you travel from business purpose. This hotel was designed by Anselm Tabans and this organic architecture guarantees a laid-back, comfortable atmosphere. It has a restaurant, a bar as well a rooftop terrace perfect for the warm African evenings. The menu offers a vast variety of food and the main attraction is the fusion cuisine.

La Villa Boutique

La Villa Boutique hotel is located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The hotel has 40 rooms and 2 apartments. They each feature a different design that guarantees the best comfort for the guests. The interior design is the work of local artists and it combines traditional African elements and modern details. The hotel also offers a poolside restaurant and bar.

Hotel Pekassa de Karache

Hotel Pekassa de Karache is located in Foumban, Cameroon. The interior design has local elements scattered alongside modern elements. The rooms are very beautiful and clean and the staff is well trained and friendly. It is the perfect place if you want to visit the area. The hotel is located 200 meters away from the royal palace. It also features a restaurant and good security.

Noom Hotel Conakry

Noom Hotel Conakry is located in Conakry, Guinea. This hotel has all the features for those who want a family vacation. This boat-shaped hotel offers an amazing infinity pool, Wi-Fi, bars and a very good restaurant. It is one of the favorite business choices in the area thanks to the quality and the facilities. The sun terrace offers a very beautiful view of the sea and the fishing port is just a few minutes away. The local cuisine can be tried at the hotel restaurant. The area is tourist-friendly and there are many places to explore.

Hotel Particulier

Hotel Particulier is located in Abidjan, the capital city of Ivory Coast. This hotel is one of the most amazing in the area. This hotel can be considered the perfect escape. The interior and outdoor designs are the perfect mixture of nature and modernism. The outdoor garden is the perfect place for meditation and relaxation and the running water from the fountains will make all the stress go away.

Hotel Kasa Afrikana

Hotel Kasa Afrikana is located in Ilha de Bubaque, Guinea-Bissau. It is the perfect ones who want a nature escape. The small houses that compose this place are very cozy and charming. Fishing places can be found in the proximity and Orango Island National Park is just 32 km away.