Three Best Places Tourist Location in West Africa

West Africa is a very large region that features plenty amazing countries with over a hundred million inhabitants. The region is renowned for its rich culture, temperate climate, and friendly people. If you are looking to visit Africa, the western region is certainly a place to explore diverse cultures, unique experiences, and mind-blowing adventure.  Here are some of the places you wouldn’t love to miss on your trip to Africa.


Nigeria is one of the most amazing countries in West Africa and even the entire Africa. It is known as the “Giants of Africa” owing to its diverse culture with over 250 ethnic groups, different languages, and religion. The country has a subtropical climate and is filled with plenty beaches, shopping plazas, markets, surfing locations and a bustling night-life. The rich and multicultural nature of the country makes it an all-year-round location for tourists. There are plenty tourist spots like the Ife museum located in the Enuwa square, the Agbokim waterfall, the Olumirin waterfall in Erin-Ijesha, the Olumo rock and other choice tourist sites. You will find plenty wildlife reserves, beautiful natural sceneries and accommodate and friendly locals.

You will also get the chance of visiting logos which is the business hub of the country. There you will find plenty tech industries, beautiful monumental structures, wide beaches and tasty restaurants. You will also learn more about the slave trade era as the country is laced with a lot of historical cities like the old Benin Kingdom and the western Oduduwa Republic.


Another small beautiful country with plenty natural tourist site is the Gambia. You will find a lot of golden beaches surrounded by swaying palms, scenic lagoons, and abundant wildlife reserves. You will surely get to feel nature in its best form with plenty reserves like the Abuka National Reserve, Gambia National Park, Bijilo Forest Park. This place harbours plenty rare species of wildlife and animals which you can hardly find elsewhere. You can visit the Kachikally crocodile pool and have an amazing time with the crocs or you drive through the Eagle heights conservation centre and find out more about the wildlife of the country.

Also known as the “smiling coast” you are bound to find plenty beaches. The people here are very friendly and good culture history and delicious seafood .one of the best location for a family vacation. The climate over there is relaxed, you can lay all day on the beach and soak up the mild sun while your kids play in the sand. So much fun awaits you in Zambia.

 Ivory Coast

Another hidden pride of West Africa, Ivory Coast is filled with palm-lined beaches across its coasts. It is the perfect place for a seaside vacation in West Africa. The country features tasty local delicacies like the Ksdjenou and the Poulet braise. You will constantly have your appetite sated with sweet foods that will leave you begging for more. While you are in Ivory Coast there is so much to do and see. There are plenty fun-filled activities like swimming, shopping, and fishing. You can even visit the Comoe National Park and enjoy the African safari experience. You are going to have fun.

These are some of the best locations in West Africa. You can always spend your holiday in one of these places and be sure to have a good time. Take your time to plan your visit and ensure you have company because the memories you will have here are best shared with your loved one.