Traditional Dishes to Try in Africa

Africa is known as one of the most multicultural areas on Earth. You can see this in the traditions, clothing and of course, food. The culinary culture is very important in this region and every successful trip to Africa has to include trying the local recipes. They are an amazing mixture of local ingredients and influences from other regions. The number of dishes available here is immense and for that we have selected some of the best dishes to try while in Africa in order to make your choice easier.

Alloco is a very popular dish in Africa that has the origins in the Ivorian culture. It is a simple grilled plantain snack that is widely found as street food. It is usually seasoned with chilly, pepper and onions. It is a very tasty dish that can be served by anyone. The price is very low, and it is very easy to find. It is very tasty, and it represents the culinary traditions from the place of origin, Cote d’Ivoire.

Ivorian culture
grilled plantain snack

Biltong is the African jerky. It is a very tasty snack and it is very easy to find. It is usually made from beef that is bathed in vinegar, season with a special selection of spices and then left to dry. There are many variants of this snack and every cook that prepares this snack has a specific choice of spices. This makes this dish truly unique and representative for every place in Africa. You can also find it incorporated in other dishes.


Bobotie is a very tasty African dish made from minced meat and egg. It is very similar in the preparation method with moussaka but the seasoning is different. This dish is found predominantly in South Africa and many believe that it is a combination between a traditional recipe and the influence of Dutch colonists. It is traditionally made from pork, but many restaurants combine many types of meat in order to make it tastier.

Couscous is one of the traditional recipes in North Africa and the national dish in Algeria. It is a very simple dish and it is usually accompanied by meat stews. It is also one of the traditional Berber dishes and it is so popular that many other cultures took it and we can see it in many restaurants worldwide. Simple and savory, this dish is definitely worth trying.

Kisra is a special type of bread original from Sudan. It has a special shape and it reminds us of very thin pancakes. It is made from local cereal or corn and it is usually served with meat or vegetables. It is very crunchy and easy to find.


Brik is one of the tastiest dishes in North Africa. It is a stuffed pastry made from local cereal that is deep fried. It is usually stuffed with cheese or a mixture of seasoned vegetables. It can be served as a snack or accompanied by stews. It is definitely one of the most interesting and unique dishes.