Where to Stay in Senegal

Like in every country we plan on visiting, in order to have a great experience, we want to choose carefully where we stay so when we have a long day of touring and sightseeing, you are going to want to arrive to nice place where you can get proper room service and all the rest you need. Here are some of the best hotels in Senegal that offer great service and location.

Akine Dyioni Lodge

This hotel is rated number one in all of Djembering. Almost every review it has received has been positive. The staff is known to be extremely friendly, as well as aware of the guests’ needs, being prompt in every possible way, especially with room service. Free WiFi is also a great thing that this hotel offers, as well as calm surroundings. The hotel has been described to be very cosy, and warm, giving it that nice, family setting we all love.


Located in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, this hotel is rated as number one on the list. People have not been disappointed with this place. It offers transportation directly to the airport, and this hotel seems to be very secure. Also, it is relatively close to the city and the beach, giving easy access for all its guests. Cleanliness, maintenance, as well as the pricing seem to be highly rated by most of the people that have stayed here.

Tama Lodge

M’Bour, Senegal offers this place as the best hotel there, and has a great access to the beach. Though the area it may be in does not offer much activities for tourists, this place is ideal if you simply want to relax. People say though, that, the best thing about this place, is its staff. Being able to stay at a place where you can say you felt spoiled and well taken care of, is rare.

Le Bazouk Du Saloum

This would not be considered your typical hotel at all. But, it surely is different and not any less good. Located in the region of Mar Lodj, we have Le Bazouk Du Saloum. Instead of classic hotel rooms, you are provided with cute little bungalows, with a lovely view of the river. It is clean, quiet, and away from the noisy city. Also, hotel guests are awed by what they find every morning. As this hotel is beautifully secluded, you get to encounter nature in a more intimate way. What has been a huge hit in this hotel though, has been the food. So, you will be eating well here.

Keep in mind that, in general, Senegalese are known to be loving, warm, and very welcoming people. So wherever you go, you will not feel unattended. They are all about giving their best to their visitors, as they highly appreciate people taking an interest in their culture. So, do not worry about being treated poorly. The food in general is also delicious and affordable wherever you go. And the food will be even better if you stay at a good hotel.